Works with any landline phone

Pick any phone of your choice and plug it in. Instantly it is turned into an audio guestbook.

Battery Powered

Ultra-portable battery powered unit will last 8 hours. Plug it in for even longer recording time.

Simple usage

Simple loading of recorded greeting and retreival of messages.

Purchase the unit and have the ability to pay off its cost in several rentals.

Fast ROI when purchasing the unit.

Save thousands by purchasing this universal unit and connecting any working landline phone

Guests will love the ability to leave messages!

This unique unit adds functionality to any phone to play a custom greeting and save a message.

No need for a complicated disassembly of a phone

No need to purchase a built-in phone and be locked into using that design forever

No need to purchase additional audio guest book phones for different options/offerings

Completely offline unit can be used with no cell or WiFi coverage

Add Value to any event

A growing trend that is in great demand.

Universal MP3 file with messages

No need to mess with complicated conversion after an event. Files are ready right away.

Fast ROI

With a couple rentals, the unit pays for itself.

Easy setup and retrieval of audio files

Simple USB plugs & WiFi provide access to greeting and recorded messages.

Compatible with Windows & Mac

Universal USB drive to load MP3 files or WiFi access.

Battery Powered

8 hours of battery life and with a plug-in option, the unit can remain powered on indefinitely. Included charger with charge indicator light.